Our Mission:

Ignatia Foundation exists solely to fund Ignatia House.

Ignatia Foundation is a not for profit, tax exempt corporation registered with the State of Illinois as a charitable organization.
The Foundation is run by an volunteer Board of Directors. A Resident House Manager is the Foundation's only paid employee.

Ignatia House operates primarily as the result of contributions made by individuals and corporations. Residents pay room and board. Rent collected from the residents does not generate any form of profit.

The Foundation generates contributions through ongoing fundraisers such as the annual dinner dance and silent auction, garage sales, bake sales, a summer picnic, and raffles. Donations of goods and services are accepted from individuals and businesses in the community. If you would like to make a contribution or be on our mailing list, click here. For more information, call Ignatia House 773-604-4644.


Our Namesake:

Ignatia House was named for Sister Mary Ignatia, who established an alcoholic ward at St. Vincent Charity Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1952. Sister Ignatia believed that hospital treatment for alcoholism was just as important as treatment for a physical injury. Along with the early recovering Founders, she emphasized the spiritual solution for alcoholics in her care. Through her work at St. Vincent's, Sister Ignatia became nationally known for her treatment and rehabilitation of people with drinking problems. The work continues in her name. Since 1974, a span of over 30 years, Ignatia House has provided transitional sober living facilities for more than 5,000 women working to recover from alcoholism. Thousands today credit Sister Mary Ignatia for their return to their families and society.